After reaching Amazon bestseller status in multiple countries and being covered by the media internationally, we have now launched a special edition physical book to

commemorate this collection of human experiences from 5 continents which is essentially a tangible piece of contemporary history from the 2020 pandemic. This limited edition hardcover will be solely channeled through independent bookstores in the UK to also support our local businesses in this time of turmoil.


This is the only physical version of the book presently and the edition will not be sold on Amazon or any national book retailer like Waterstones*. We will also not be charging independent stores for starting to sell the book for the first two weeks during which they can decide how many copies they will be willing to take up.

We are selecting a minimum of 50 bookstores from across the UK and interested stores need to inform us by 6 pm on Tuesday the 25 August 2020. All profits earned from the sale of this edition of the book will be donated to Health Charities and frontline services.


Dev Aditya & Dr Pauldy Otermans

Bookstores earn a minimum of

£ 3.04/copy

All interested stores should email us using the form or email id given in the form.

Bookstores will sell the book on pre-order using their unique URLs without paying for any copy.

Bookstores will get a maximum of 100 copies on credit and need to confirm their sales or pay for the remaining copies at cost after 2-weeks.

No commitment from bookstore owners is required and rights to sell 100 copies can be returned without cost within the 2-week period.


As Covered By

and more....


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