We are looking for 52 artists as original contributors for the first COVID-19 pandemic anthology book which will be published in UK in June 2020. All proceeds from the book will go to charity and all contributors (artists and authors) of the book will be duly credited and informed (monthly updates) about the impact they have been able to make through their contribution. We hope to receive relevant submissions by 8 pm on Saturday, 20th June, 2020 on togetherfreebook@gmail.com

We have tried to simplify this process, as much as we could, to make it hassle free and convenient for all contributing artists. Here are the things you need to do and know if you would like to contribute:

1. Select a piece

Artists are free to select any one piece of their choice from the list of pieces (titles) submitted by the authors. Titles that are free have been marked green and titles that are reserved or an art work has been submitted for it, have been marked red. Please do let us know if you want us to reserve any title for you by writing to us at togetherfreebook@gmail.com

NOTE: To keep the whole process fair and neutral, we will only be disclosing the title (author's name and the main piece will disclosed only after the artists has chosen a piece). Choosing a piece solely based on the title will also add to the surprise element of discovering the components of the piece only after making the choice.

  • Jammu and Kashmir Covid-19 Open Innovation Challenge

  • Certain ‘20 - A poem about the uncertainties of 2020

  • A very isolated birthday

  • European migrants in the UK, helping a post-Brexit Britain to react to COVID-19

  • Lessons for Humanity

  • The Wanderers - A poem about self realisations from spending time alone in the lockdown

  • At Sea or On Land

  • Fighting Coronavirus with kindness and compassion

  • Pandemic, disruption and students' needs

  • No Sweat - A poem about isolating in the lockdown

  • Divine Purgatory

  • Sugar Candy

  • Reminiscing life before the 'lockdown'

  • An entire system facing the unknown

  • People Need People

  • Words of my mouth

  • For now the trees

  • Flightpath

  • The Great Regeneration of 2020

  • Revival from a COVID-19 perspective

  • Up with a lark

  • Humans vs Virus

  • Time for a targeted and massive jobs bill

  • A Letter to the World

  • Diplomacy and the World of the Corona Virus Pandemic

  • Together Forward

  • Who was Amelia Earheart?

  • Voices from the pandemic

  • A Tribute to Doctors

  • The flatmate chronicles

  • Poor Doors

  • The purple sky of the city

  • Lovestream

  • Plague

  • My experience through the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Life in IC10: ‘Rumbles, 187 Lockdowns and Life in Isolation Central 10 (IC10)…The same as it ever was.’

  • Sunlight

  • Just Keep Swimming

  • The Silent Whistle of the Wind

  • Adding to the Sunshine

  • The Wait

  • Cage of freedom

  • Corona virus and breaking through shenanigans

  • Lockdown was a blessing in disguise...for me

  • Personal.Pandemic.Exposed

  • Lockdown

  • The human encounter with the deadly virus and way forward

  • An enemy unseen

  • The Antidote

  • My pandemic experience

  • Material Uprising

  • Over one-hundred days apart

  • Pause

  • 2020: rap verse

  • Lockdown musings seasoned with a dash of spice

  • Glimses from my lockdown monologues

  • The day before she came

  • Faith through the arts

  • On a warm sunny day

  • The senses of the mind

  • Thank you doctors (song verse)

  • No letter to post 

  • COVID-19 a lesson

2. Select a visual style

The design guidelines set for the book allows the artwork to only be in a black and white format using any one (or a mix, as per the artist's choice and style) of the following techniques:

Pen and ink

Brush and ink

Pencil or/and charcoal



3. Follow set guidelines

We have put across a set of guidelines to maintain uniformity across all the submitted artwork. Here there are:

Size and dimensions

Drawing area/bleed

Focus area

Room for title

The finished size of the artwork will be 5 (width) x 8 (height) inches. Please ensure that the resolution is set to 300dpi (incase its a scanned copy, please scan at similar resolution).

Incase your artwork expands from edge to edge, try to work slightly beyond the main artwork size.

While making the artwork, try keeping all important elements away from the edges by around 1.5 inches.

Try to keep an area on the artwork (could be on top of the page or at the bottom) less busy or partially free to make room to add in the title. Keeping this in mind could also help with making a better composition.

4. Submit your artwork

Once the artwork is complete, you will need to mail us the art work at togetherfreebook@gmail.com (subject: Art). Along with that, please feel free to suggest us where you would like us to place the title and in what style/font (this is optional and do keep in mind that the final call will be taken by the designer on the title style) and also provide us with links to your website or social media handles and a single line about yourself. These information will be added (as and when it permits) in the book, so that we too could give you back something back in terms of reach and publicity.

These are all the steps that you will need to take. If you have any queries, please feel free to reach us (contact details below) anytime. Your contribution will be extremely valuable to us and will definitely help (through the donations from our collections from this book) and touch a lot of lives. Thank you.

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