This book is a collection of global human experiences, realisations and stories from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While many countries are slowly lifting lockdowns, the attack from the virus is nowhere near over. Thousands of cases are still being registered in the United Kingdom and tens of thousands globally. With your help we wish to support movements and frontline services that keep fighting the virus while we slowly return to normalcy. We have funded this book with the sole purpose of donating every penny that comes from its sales on Amazon to fund these initiatives and movements.

In the United Kingdom we are supporting national health charities, which will be the major beneficiary of all funds raised. Funds will also be donated monthly to selected non-UK organisations that are in need of resources to continue their work especially in countries like India where COVID-19 cases are staggeringly high. 


Dev Aditya & Dr Pauldy Otermans

You can help the movement by buying or gifting this tangible expression of human resilience

that will fund our efforts to beat COVID-19 globally

Prof Julia Buckingham

CBE, FMedSci, PhD

President of Universities UK and Vice Chancellor Brunel University London

“I am immensely proud that Pauldy Otermans and Dev Aditya, two former Brunel students who were also President and Vice-President of the Union of Brunel Students, have compiled this fantastic anthology. 


Much will be written about the COVID-19 pandemic in the future but few accounts will capture the experiences, emotions and fantastic contributions of individuals in the way this volume does.  Many congratulations.” 


Prof Polly Roy

OBE, FMedSci, PhD

Chair of Virology at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 

“No one expected this virus but no one could have imagined the response.

What a book!"


Lord Ranger


Life peer House of Lords

“‘Whilst the world is trying to figure out how to deal with the Coronavirus Pandemic, I am delighted to learn that Dr Pauldy Otermans and Mr Dev Aditya have curated 'Together Book'.


The book puts these difficult times into perspective by sharing the personal experiences of many accomplished individuals. Knowledge is the most significant power to deal with any challenge one faces and the book aims to enhance our understanding and expertise about this phenomenon"


Lord Ranger 2.jpg

Daniel Zeichner

Member of Parliament of Cambridge, UK

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a health and economic crisis and its effects will be long felt. Already millions of words have been written about the topic but sometimes such profound effects are best expressed through art, with poems, and sketches to convey the emotion of our times.”

Daniel Zeichner.jpg

Prof Derek Hughes


Emeritus Professor University of Aberdeen

"This brilliantly conceived (and beautifully illustrated) anthology is a moving celebration of  human fellowship and solidarity in a time of plague and isolation"

Jawhar Sircar

Chairman Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta and Former (Permanent) Secretary for Culture, India

“It is commendable that Dr Pauldy Otermans and Dev Aditya came up with this wonderful idea of documenting for posterity the COVID-19 experience in so many interesting ways.”

Jawhar Sircar.jpg

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