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The last few months have truly changed the way we live and experience things.This period has also introduced us to new community champions who have gone out of their ways to help humanity. This book is a collection of prose, poetry and art reflecting the many perspectives and experiences we have collectively witnessed during this challenging time.


You can help this movement by buying or gifting this tangible expression of human resilience that will continue funding our frontline services and health charities to beat COVID-19 globally.


Global Stories

You can buy a collection of human experiences of the pandemic from 5 continents and help humanity

Health Charities

Buying or gifting the book will directly fund our health charities and frontline workers


You can launch your own pandemic story on the website and share it with the world while helping us fundraise

Global Initiatives

You can help pick global initiatives every month to donate 10% of the proceeds to



This is our way of giving back to humanity and celebrating the resilience we have shown in the past few months. We are incredibly thankful to our contributors from five continents who have helped make this book a reality.


You can purchase this piece of human history and share information about the book to support fundraising for pressing COVID-19 issues like funding health charities, supporting global access to vaccines and providing resources to independent movements across the globe trying to beat the pandemic.


Dev Aditya & Dr Pauldy Otermans


Submit your story, share your experiences or mention someone who has been a champion during the pandemic!

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